bespoke, organic and immensely satisfying…

Due to QLD law, description of intimate services can’t be displayed.

Everyone seems to be living ten steps ahead of themselves. The weight of the world on their shoulders, anchoring their lives to their responsibilities and forgetting that we live each breath in the present moment and that the body we live in as our temple is impermanent and decaying. We were not designed to live in 'flight or fight' mode. We are lucky to live a privileged life but never take a moment to appreciate all we have, and most of all, to appreciate ourselves and reward our body, mind and soul accordingly. What is the point running in the rat race to get rich, if we are never enriched? 

I invite you to take a step outside of your crazy life, into my capable arms. An established and reputed escort, I stepped back from the rat race to develop the other passions in my life, which makes me a unique and grounded companion. I admire and find drive very attractive in others, and it brings me so much pleasure to offer an escape for you to recharge your batteries and experience the primal human need for intimacy that we’re so often starved of. Everything I offer to you in the boudoir aspects of your time with me, is what I truly enjoy, and am happy to both guide you down my rabbit hole of erogenous zones or to spend time in honour of yours. 

I’m someone who is very sure of herself and the life she lives. Don’t be intimidated by that, but reassured that you’re spending time with someone who is completely present, at ease and in charge of the life she leads. I’ve led an extraordinary life for someone of my young age and relate well to people of all ages and backgrounds, and I lust after the knowledge and experience you may also bring to the table. I am attracted firstly to the mind and the spirit, and admire each body as unique and sacred. I am free of judgement, however I hold all clients to a high standard of behaviour and respect, as you expect of me also. Your invitation into my homely oasis in Teneriffe is a privilege, as is the opportunity to spend time unrushed, unclothed and heavy breathing with me…

Let me guide you out of the rat race and into ecstasy.

‘GFE’ - The ‘gold’ standard

My ‘GFE’ (girlfriend experience) style service is very inclusive - a sensual and delectable service that will completely fulfil your desire for intimacy. You will not be disappointed! Grounded, witty and kind - you will find me to be the perfect girlfriend for an hour or three. The perfect option for both inexperienced lovers and connoisseurs of intimacy.

30MINS - $250
1 Hour - $400
1.5 hours - $550
2 hours - $750
3 hours - $1000
Additional hours - $300


It is more than the usual you need, you want to satisfy kinkier carnal desires, that have been deepening in intensity. You want more than a girlfriend can give - an affair that will take you to new heights of pleasure and never quite bring you back again. You crave someone that will drain from you everything you can give, and leave you in a heap at the end of it.

Brace yourself.

Platinum GFE is considered GFE with a kinky twist - sure to get you hot under the collar.

1 Hour - $500
1.5 hours - $750
2 hours - $900
3 hours - $1300
Additional hours - $350

 - Platinum GFE may be added to other service packages for an additional fee.

+$50 travel fee. Minimum 1 hour booking, to central locations only.
Residential addresses require ID.


Dinner dates are one of my most requested experiences. There is no more organic progression for a date than connecting over food and drinks. It’s a traditional dating ritual that goes back to god-knows-when, purely because this environment is naturally festive and conducive to good conversation.

I make for a great dinner companion (and reviews agree), because of my love of food and ability to converse about many topics, with even the most shy of dates. I love to hear stories and learn about what makes your heart sing, and I am eager to share mine. I am a natural part of any environment, able to dress up or down for any occasion, if discretion is your concern.

As a bit of a ‘foodie’, I adore cuisines from all over the world, whether simple or spicy, 9 course degustation or gourmet burger bar. I follow a pescetarian diet that’s easily catered for, and I have an easy appetite for everything else! We will never be short of conversation, and the chemistry we build over dinner will spill over into our time in the boudoir. I’m in the business of making memories and leaving you wanting more.

Dinner + Asha for Dessert
Dinner out + 90min GFE - $1000

Dinner + More Asha for Dessert
Dinner out + 3hours - $1400

*dinner is on you
**also available for long lunch instead


Oh, the things we can do.

I love to see couples wanting to add a little spice into their personal lives. I enjoy the dynamic of playing with couples and seeing how it adds to their relationship. Charged at PGFE rates, minimum 90mins (from$750).

Social Only

Is there a movie/concert you’d love to see, and want someone to share it with? Any event, or even a lingering lunch, for 2-3 hours - $500 (longer events negotiable).

Netflix and Chill
Forget Tinder, this ends exactly how you hope it will! We will snuggle up and flirt on the couch watching a movie (clothed), followed by an hour in the bedroom - $800

A Private Soirée
From early evening to late evening, or all afternoon - an organic experience to cherish, about 6 hours. An opportunity to spend time un-rushed seeing a film, chatting over drinks, experiencing the scenic sites or the theatre, finishing up nestled in each other arms after a climactic conclusion - $1600

Pure Escapism
12 hours - the day is ours. The ultimate of girlfriend experiences, we can go to the zoo, maybe the Museum or even an outdoor movie. Let’s eat, play and get to know each other like lovers should. We’ll spend the day alternating between the intimate, the casual, the relaxed and the intense. - $2400

Pyjama Party
Overnight, up to 15 hours. Let’s have a sexy pyjama party and breakfast in bed. Meals, accommodation and sleep must be provided. - $2800

Fly Me To You
I provide a domestic FMTY service to AU centres, starting from a minimum Dinner date or 3 hour booking plus expenses. International, NZ and Western Australia require a longer booking for this service. I do not tour so this is a great option for those who’d like to see me in their own city.

Longer? Let’s talk.

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