Asha Fox


Asha Fox

Wishlists are a strange old thing, that when I first entered this industry, I’d never imagine publishing. And yet, here I am, just a couple of months after losing my old website due to the law dramas in the USA, and my beloved clients are calling for one.

I try not to ever forget my privilege. This life isn’t always easy but I do have the privilege of a select few clients who treat me like a princess. I publish this wishlist not out of expectation of gifting, but so that those who do enjoy to spoil a woman - they may be able to gift me something I truly want, without doubt or fear that their effort is not fully enjoyed.

Wine - I find bringing wine to share a brilliant icebreaker. I enjoy all wines that are either sparkling or crimson. Particular favourites of mine are champagne - Moët & Chandon, or New Zealand Pinot Noir - Central Otgao specifically. But, while I love wine, I’m not going to swill and sniff it - I enjoy most varieties and am not fussy so please don’t stress over your choice. I do not drink spirits or beer sorry.

Perfume - I love heady, spicy exotic scents. Particularly - Shalimar by Guerlain, or Turkish Moon from Perfect Potion.

Lingerie - Invented by a man - please do not gift me lingerie unless explicitly stated that you’d like me to wear it for you as part of a session. I generally don’t actually wear underwear at all in my personal life so it’s not a gift for me.

Flowers - I love receiving flowers - but not as much as my cat. For that reason and that it’s not particularly discreet to carry them to my apartment - I ask you to not bring flowers - my cat gets excited over them and smashes my vases, plus many flowers are toxic.

Sex toys - I mostly enjoy external toys, such as wands, or small internal G spot shaped vibrators. Giant big dildos aren’t for me. Must be new and unwrapped in box…

Food - I’m a savoury over sweet kinda woman. I love cheeses of all kinds and antipasto type delights. If you must insist on a sweet - maltesers are fun to share during a movie. I’ll also probably orgasm on the spot if you bring fresh oysters.

Vouchers - Vouchers are undoubtedly the easiest way to gift. They can be sent from a distance if not booking related and have been used more than once as a kind thankyou or apology (worst case scenario). They can also be used as an alternative for a deposit. 
Please send all eGift cards to

Temple & Webster (homewares for my new Haus) -
Dymocks (books) -

Miscellaneous gifts - flavoured herbals teas, Nag Champa incense, essential oils, cat ornaments

Alternatively, a tip towards my new apartment would be met with many ecstatic kisses and cuddles too.

Most of all, I wish each and every client just to be punctual, respectful and kind, and to let me know by txt or review, when they’ve had a great time.

Infinite gratitude, 

Asha x