Kia Ora

And you want to travel with her | And you want to travel blind | And you know that you can trust her | For she’s touched your perfect body with her mind...
— Leonard Cohen

Originally from the South Island of New Zealand, I escaped the old and the cold, into the warm, inviting arms of sunny Queensland, and here I reside in the beautiful subtropical oasis that is Brisbane, Australia.

With an interesting background of privileges, losses and experiences, I have developed into a young woman prematurely armed with wisdom and knowledge, yet retaining the wonder and vitality of youth. I love the age I am, the life I live and the career I have chosen.

I offer to my dates a relaxed, genuine connection. I pride myself in my ability to relate to people from all walks of life, to make them feel welcome and appreciated. With years of experience in my field, I've mastered the ability to nurture calm and also build passion when and where it's needed. It's this zest and spirit that I believe has enabled me to foster and build such a unique life for myself. I foster a safe space for you to explore and indulge fantasies, or to spill secrets and create more of them.

With a mature outlook on relationships, monogamy and love itself, I offer you no judgement, only understanding and enjoyment. This is a warm and inviting place for you to lose yourself or rediscover sensations you've long forgotten. Come to me with respect and kindness and I will show you the same.


Age: Genuine 31
Height: 181cm/5'11
Size: Toned with curves - 12
Bust size: Perky C cup
Hair: Thick, deep red
Eyes: Blue-Grey
Tattoos: Quality and colourful, extensive. Plans for more.
Piercings: Belly & nose
Star Sign: Leo

As someone who keeps active and enjoys a healthy lifestyle, please note that I do not use any drugs and am only a light drinker (wine).
I do not judge your choices at all, we are all adults - but I don’t allow illegal drugs in my presence.